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what counselling/SE

Counselling & Somatic Therapy

Working with individual clients, I integrate counselling with somatic psychotherapy techniques to create a holistic therapeutic environment. This is a person centred approach to therapy that reintegrates the mind so a person can rediscover happiness while we also listen to the story the body is holding- this can often be the root cause of stress. I am a counsellor registered with the Australian Counselling Association and have post graduate certification in Somatic Experiencing.


So what is Somatic Experiencing (SE)?

SE is a somatic-focused therapy that helps to release stress or trauma and regulate the nervous system very gently. Stress and trauma are essentially a dysregulation in the nervous system that can be caused by a single traumatic event or multiple events. Neurodivergent individuals, or those who are diagnosed as not neurotypical, can also experience dysregulation as the nervous system tries to manage stimuli. SE helps to reintegrate any stress still held in the body, expanding an individuals window of tolerance in their everyday life. This leads to more happiness and ability to connect.

Who are these sessions suitable for? (NDIS participants are welcome):

Individual sessions are suitable for adults and children and NDIS self or plan managed participants are welcome. What is the difference in a session with a child? The session is shorter and involves more games.

Adult sessions: $140, 1 Hour 

Primary school aged children: $116, 45 mins (35 mins face to face, 10 mins for notes and planning). Initial parent telehealth session required for all child bookings.

Adolescent session duration to be determined on an individual basis.


Feel free to reach out to discuss on 94391549.

What Breathwork

Private Breathwork Session


"When the mind is in a knot, work on the body...."

Being trained somatically in several approaches, I use a technique called breathwork to help a client access blocks and trauma that are stored at the cellular level.

This technique uses connected, controlled breathing while lying on the floor in a comfortable position. We listen to and track the body to see what insights it holds.


There are many things that the conscious mind does not have access to. This can be why sometimes, talking therapies do not hold all the answers. Using bodywork techniques allows us to bypass the conscious mind and talk to the body where our past experiences and traumas are actually held.

This modality can be helpful when an individual is feeling stuck and usual talk therapy isn't working. Through creating activation in the system (similar to microdosing) we offer a different experience to occur, new insight and the opportunity for new neural pathways to form in the brain.


Each appointment runs for up to 100 minutes. $185 per session

Please make contact to discuss whether these sessions are suitable for you.

what corporate
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Corporate Wellbeing Session

Having worked in group facilitation for many years, I often receive requests to run wellbeing sessions for staff in both private companies and government sectors.


Providing corporate wellbeing sessions for staff members at your workplace is known to increase productivity & team cohesiveness whilst fostering a supportive environment and reducing stress levels.

Whether you are interested in a 45minute / 1 hour session or a longer workshop for your team, I can tailor a program to suit your needs.


Sessions will offer practical wellbeing strategies, minfulness and theory based on proven therapeutic modalities.


Where: Your workplace. Call to discuss.

What Fund

Kinder and School fundraising: a 90 minute stress management session for parents:

Need a great fundraising idea for your Kinder, Childcare or School? I want to give back to our great community by offering a 90 minute stress management and meditation session for parents and friends. I believe through supporting parental wellbeing, the little people in our community benefit greatly too. 50% proceeds are donated to your kinder/school. So that's a win for the parents, win for the Kinder/School & win for the kids! 


Participants will learn 2 practical techniques that can be used almost anywhere that have an immediate impact on your level of wellbeing. These techniques also make a great foundation for meditation practice. We will also talk about stress and how it affects the mind and the body plus how to get out of the stress cycle naturally when it occurs. 



Where: Your kindergarten or childcare centre. Call to discuss.


The Sunday Afternoon Retreat (3 hours):

Take time out for yourself. This 3 hour session is informative, insightful and incredibly relaxing. Here you will discover tools to help you stay balanced in your everyday life. You will learn new meditation techniques and have the opportunity to peacefully look within. Find out what else you can bring into your life to feel happy and stress free. This knowledge will have an impact on you and your loved ones. Leave feeling connected, nurtured and ready for your week ahead.


Give yourself the gift of self care and come along.

Cost: $70


Location: Greensborough

The Breath-Workshop (10am - 4pm):

We all need some time out.  We all need a space where we can go to recharge and tap into that calmer part of ourselves. Remember that part of yourself? The part that knows innately how to stay in the happy zone. The part that sits above the chaos and drama of life without drowning or being reactive. Come and rediscover it.


Join me for an insightful & fun Sunday. Here you will learn practical techniques that delve deeply into the wisdom of your body. We will access this wisdom through breathwork, meditation and positive psychology.


Breathwork is a wonderful bodywork technique that will help realign your conscious & subconscious minds. It is now widely accepted in western psychology that we store trauma, stress & anxiety at a cellular level (in our body). This means that for a more holistic and deeper sense of happiness that lasts, we need to tap into the body to help release what is holding us back.


So if you feel you could be happier, calmer & more connected in the present moment, this one-day workshop could make a big difference.


We don’t always have control over the events in our life but we do have control over our reactivity to them. Meditation, mindfulness & deep introspection give us the opportunity to recognise this choice.


Places are limited to 10 so register soon to avoid disappointment.


Cost: $99

Date TBC

Location: Greensborough

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